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“Servagya-Payroll has been developed to expedite the various Payroll tasks and ultimate delivery of Payroll.”

Servagya-Payroll Clients have access to one of the most powerful yet flexible payroll processing engines available in India, as well as being able to meet the statutory requirements of all the six Act(s) of payroll viz., P.F., E.S.I.C., Bonus, Factory, Labour Welfare and Income Tax. Servagya-Payroll is generally able to fully meet client-processing requirements without specific customization with special focus on Statutory requirements of the company/firm.

It is generally accepted that Payroll Management is a repetitive administrative activity. If the time and cost can be minimized, accuracy improves along with increased analysis and efficiency then progress is made. Accordingly, Servagya-Payroll has been developed to expedite the various payroll tasks and ultimate delivery of payroll.

Servagya-Payroll software, weighted by payroll preparation, are simplified and automated. A number of these reports are unique to Servagya-Payroll, for example, generates PF and ESIC challan automatically, generate a floppy for PF office for direct submission to their local office, Generate the report of New Joining and Left Cases, give the report in txt file/PDF file format  to use the report  with third  party software  like, MS-Word, Ms-Excel, PDF etc.  A special feature included in the software is the Contract Labour Statutory Reports, which is not been found in the general software available in India.

Maximum Control and Savings

Servagya-Payroll is powerful, yet easy to use. It makes payroll processing a simple job that any company can accomplish in-house. Why depend on outside services to get your company payroll work done right? Our payroll software gives you all the information and options you need to process your own payroll in-house and save money.

Our payroll and software expertise makes Servagya-Payroll the Best

Servagya has been developing software since 1992. Our payroll knowledge and programming expertise make Servagya-Payroll sophisticated and packed with features, yet easy enough for anybody to use.


Easy to Install and use

The emphasis at Servagya-Payroll has always been flexibility and ease to use. All the controls are being specified in the software and user can change according to their requirement. Some of the features available in the Servagya-Payroll software are as follows :


General Feature

  • Define unlimited number of Companies.
  • Define unlimited number of Branches.
  • Define unlimited number of Departments / Units.
  • Link with any type of Computerized Punching Machine. (Conditions apply)
  • Export Data of any report to Excel / Text etc.
  • Laserjet / Inkjet and Dot Matrix (Draft) printing.
  • Maintain the records of Actual Payroll employees and Off the payroll employees in the same company (No. 1 and No. 2 Employees).

Payroll Feature

  • Define Multiple Allowance Heading.
  • Define Multiple Deduction Heading.
  • Define Multiple Calculation mode for each earning and Deduction.
  • Define applicability of PF on selective allowances.
  • Define the A/c No. 21 Wages on Full salaries / Pension Salaries option.
  • Define PF deduction on full gross salary or PF salary is again calculated on the working days.
  • Define applicability of ESI on selective allowances.
  • Define TDS applicable on selection allowances.
  • Define Mode of payment (cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer/ DD etc.) for each employee.
  • Define Bonus paid on selective allowances.
  • Define Overtime calculation on selective allowances.
  • Define Leave Encashment on selective allowances.
  • Define Gratuity on selective allowances.
  • Defined on the roll and off the the roll allowances.
  • Define Grade wise pay scale on allowances like the Govt. employees salaries.
  • Define unlimited number of Branches/Departments/Designation/Payment mode etc.
  • Define EPF share of employee and employer seperately.
  • Define ESI share of employee and employer seperately.
  • Define employee and employer Labour Welfare fund amount.
  • Define salary calculation on monthly/daily/26 days/fixed method.
  • Define OT calculation on Salary / Manual Rate with specified allowances to calculate and ESI is deducted on the OT. (Both on the record and off the record OT options)
  • Define selected allowances and deductions in the original registers and rest in off the records.

Employee Setup

  • Define employee wise salary type (Daily/Monthly/26 days).
  • Define employee recruitment type like Direct/On Contract/through Contractor for PF Form No. 12.
  • Define individual employee OT rate on Salary / Manual Rate.
  • Define individual employee PF, ESI Limit for Employee and Employer.
  • Define individual employee Eductional/Technical qualification and experience, family members details, nominee etc.
  • Maintain the database of each employee for Local address, Permanent Address,Telephone No., Date of Joining, Birth and Left etc.
  • Define unlimited number of loans / Advances for each employee.
  • On line loan balance shown at the time of recovery of loan / advance.
  • Define loans / advances recovery monthly or as per employee requirement.

Overtime Allowance

  • Define Overtime on Salary and Manual Rate.
  • Overtime can be calculated seperately.
  • Overtime Allowance can be maintained with the Salary register and seperately too. (On the record and Off the record options)
  • ESIC deduction on Overtime can be maintained.
  • Maintain the percentage of Overtime like single, one and a half or double option.
  • Overtime Allowance can be defined on separate allowances with their own formula as per requirement.


  • Year-wise opening can be defined for EL/CL/SL.
  • On line leave balance shown of EL/CL/SL while feeding the attendance.
  • Automatic calculation of EL/CL/SL on monthly basis.
  • Option of not calculating the EL/CL/SL on monthly basis, i.e. fixed the leave in the year beginning.

Reports Generated from Servagya-Payroll

Monthly Reports

  • Salary Register (Normal, Contractor)
  • Salary Slip (Normal, Form No. XI, Hindi)
  • Salary Total (Branch, Department)
  • Salary Total (Gross)
  • Overtime Statement (Factory / Contractor)
  • Bank Statement
  • PF Challan (Gross, Branch, Department)
  • Online EPF Challan (CSV/Txt File for direct upload)
  • Online ESI Challan (XLS File for direct upload)
  • Form No. 5
  • Form No. 10
  • Form No. 12
  • PF Statement Individual Employee
  • PF Forwarding Letter
  • ESI Challan (Gross, Branch, Department)
  • ESI Statement Individual Employee Form No. 'F' (Grautity)
  • PF and ESI Statement (Individual Employee)
  • Branchwise (Department Total)

Monthly Reports (Off the Record, No. 2 Employees)

  • Salary Register (Off the Record, No. 2 Employee)
  • Salary Slip
  • Salary Total

Half Yearly ESIC Reports

  • Register No. 32 (Apr-Oct, Nov-Mar)
  • Form No. 5 (Apr-Oct, Nov-Mar)
  • Eligibility Register for ESIC employee
  • ESI Floopy (Apr-Oct, Nov-Mar)
  • ESI Challan Details (for Inspection purposes)

Yearly PF Reports

  • Annual PF Statement
  • Form No. 3A
  • Form No. 6A
  • Remittance Reconcilation
  • PF Office Letter
  • Eligibility Register
  • PF CD / Floopy
  • PF Challan Details (For Inspection purposes)
  • PF Accumulation Report
  • PF Withdrawal Forms

Bonus Reports

  • Bonus Statement
  • Payment of Bonus Form ‘C’
  •  Payment of Bonus Form ‘D’
  • Bonus Summary

Factory Act Reports

  • Form No. 34
  • Form No. IV-A
  • Workmen Compensation Form
  • Form No. 22 (Half Yearly)
  • Form No. III
  • Form L
  • Form M
  • Form N
  • Form No. 21 (Haryana)
  • Form 'D' (Haryana)
  • Form 'A' (List of Holiday)
  • Form '2' (License Renewal)

Labour Welfare Fund Reports

  • Labour Welfare Statement (Monthwise)
  • Labour Welfare Statement (Employee Wise)
  • Labour Welfare Statement (Consolidated)
  • Form ‘A’ (Delhi Labour Welfare)
  • Challan (Delhi Labour Welfare)
  • Labour Welfare Statement (Haryana)
  • Labour Welfare Statement with Letter (Haryana)

M.I.S. Reports

  • New Joining Cases
  • Left Employee Cases
  • Zero Attendance
  • Master Not Existing
  • Leave availed Statement
  • Salary Statement
  • Register Slips
  • Salary Statement (Individual Employee History of Wages)
  • Total Salary Statement (Monthwise,Consolidated) (Grand,Branch,Department)

H.R. Related Reports

  • Date of Birth Statement
  • Date of Joining Statement
  • Date of Left Statement
  • Employee Bio-data
  • Employee Personnel File (covered all the letters and forms in Hindi at the time of appointment)
  • Statement of Increment (Due)
  • Statement of Increment (Drawn)
  • Statement of Rewards (Datewise)
  • Statement of Rewards (Monthwise)
  • Statement of Rewards (Employeewise)

Income Tax

  • Form No. 16
  • Annual Salary Statement

Loan / Advance Reports

  • Advance / Loan Paid (Datewise)
  • Advance / Loan Recovery (Datewise)
  • Advance / Loan Paid (Monthwise)
  • Advance / Loan Recovery (Monthwise)
  • Ledger Summary
  • Ledger
  • Unrecovered Advance

Misc. Reports

  • Form No. 9 (P.F.)
  • Form No. 3 (E.S.I.)
  • Form No. 13 (PF)
  • Master report (Sexwise)
  • Letter Head
  • EPF Coverage Performa
  • ESI Coverage Performa


  • Form No.15 (EL/PL Register)

Contractor Register and Forms

  • Register of Workmen Employed by Contractor
  • Employment Card
  • Service Certificate
  • Muster Roll
  • Register of Wages
  • Wage Slips
  • Register of Deductions for Damage or Loss
  • Register of Fines
  • Register of Advances
  • Register of Overtime
  • Half yearly Return of Contractor

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